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Re: Whyalla | Developments & News

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That's really cool.

Imagine something like that at Glenelg, with the inside of the circle a space that has slides and other water amusements.
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Re: Whyalla | Developments & News

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Nort wrote:
Thu Jun 11, 2020 5:59 pm
That's really cool.

Imagine something like that at Glenelg, with the inside of the circle a space that has slides and other water amusements.
Begs the question why the Holfast Bay council haven't decided on something like this. I know the state government have been touting a massive overhaul of the Glenelg jetty, but I'm of the opinion that jetties with buildings and the like at the end are a thing of the past. They were decided against 70+ years ago because rough seas could bring the whole thing down. Glenelg jetty is among the worst of the metropolitan jetties and yet it's located one of Adelaide's main tourism hotspots.
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Re: Whyalla | Developments & News

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There was a big $90m proposal for a new jetty including hotel etc etc and Marshall went into the last election promising the first $20m. I think it was conditional on a business plan and private companies, council etc paying for the rest of it.
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Re: Whyalla | Developments & News

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From the Whyalla News

Sounds promising.
Foreshore the home for $100m, nine-storey hotel

Louis Mayfield
Local News

It's "Where the Outback meets the Sea" all over again.

That is how Thrive Construct Chief Executive Barrie Harrop described his vision for a new $100 million, nine-storey hotel coming to the Whyalla Foreshore.

The resort will create 400 long-term jobs and include features such as Australia's largest blue water lagoon, multiple restaurants, and seaplane flights around the Upper Spencer Gulf.

A mainstay in Whyalla's hospitality industry since 1985, the Foreshore Motor-Inn will be bulldozed to make way for the building, with construction set to begin early in the New Year.

The resort will include in the vicinity of 170-180 rooms with 45 apartments that will be available for purchase, and a penthouse situated in the top two levels.

Mr Harrop said one of the biggest draws to bring a hotel of this size to Whyalla was the Great Australian Cuttlefish, which he views as an attraction worthy of a heritage listing.

"The single biggest occupancy factor is the cuttlefish," he said.

"As a hotelier your two-to-three month low period knocks out your occupancy for the whole year, but Whyalla is a unique situation because the cuttlefish are the biggest attraction in Australia in the winter.

"Whyalla is not even on the map for a lot of scuba divers...imagine if we had 500 divers coming on the bus to see the cuttlefish and staying at the resort here.

"The place could be booked out for the whole of the low period."

The lagoon will be suitable for scuba-diving or snorkelling training, while the seaplanes will make the resort a 'launching pad' for regional SA.

"We see an opportunity here to embrace the local community of Whyalla and the region, everyone forgets that Whyalla is a significant regional centre and there's a lot of activity just within the region," he said.

The resort stands as the single biggest tourism investment in Whyalla, and Foreshore Motor-Inn Owner and Tourism Focus Group Chair Barbara Derham is excited about the future - if a little sad to see her hotel go.

"If this all goes ahead, what a fantastic asset it will be for the city," she said.

"Of course I am a bit sad, this hotel has been my life since 1985 - so when the bulldozers come I'm not sure if I'll stay and watch or run away in tears.

"But it is a really exciting time for Whyalla."

Ms Derham said the hotel would also be a fantastic employment opportunity for Whyalla's young people, offering them a chance to start a career path in hospitality.

"Everything from chefs to gardeners, front-of-house to management, there will be massive pathways the town's youth," she said.
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